FREEDOG is a dog lovers community whose purpose is to raise awareness and money with the GOAL of being a part of ending of the cruel & barbaric DOG MEAT TRADE. The practice of raising dogs for meat, kidnapping domestic dogs, torturing to ‘tenderize’ them exists in China, Korea, Cambodia, Vietnam and even Bali and Thailand. It is SO heinous, horrific, and cruel, that FREEDOG intentionally has kept this site graphics free because it is so utterly heart breaking and we don’t want to scare you away. There is only one image and all the dogs on this transport were rescued. We need to support those in the trenches who are doing the brave  unimaginable task of rescuing these dogs. We invite you to STAND WITH THEM! 

Human by human we are forming a Compassionate Human Collective. We the people who feel outrage, and have an urgency to DO THIS!   You can help right now by sharing this website with all your ‘PEOPLE’ on social media and email and making a donation via Paypal right here. ….100% of ALL donations goes to Marc Ching. Marc is an exceptional human being and through his foundation ANIMAL HOPE AND WELLNESS, Dog ‘MEAT’ farms are closing down one at a time. Mr. Ching is a living testament to what human beings are capable of when 100% focused; he is committed and relentless. 


FREEDOG also supports several organizations that are caring for the dogs that have been rescued from these “Farms”.  FREEDOG  admires the work of Yoon Green who founded the Animal Defense League (ADL) of Korea. He fights for dogs by organizing protests at various storefronts where they have dogs in cages, or hanging dead in the window. He is a brave soldier in this war because he does not always contain his emotions or rage. In Korea this can be a difficult characteristic to possess. GO YOON!!! We also support SOI Dog International. John Dalley and his wife have an amazing story, and the work they do is entirely NOBLE and selfless.

FREEDOG wishes to acknowledge that there are SO many worthy causes around our globe, and that the dog meat trade is but one of them. By supporting these dogs we hope that you also continue to contribute to your usual charities.

FREEDOG dedicates it’s mission to every animal that has died.May cruelty and greed give way to wisdom and compassion.

Dear animal friends, may your souls soar and may you be at peace.