Donate to FREEDOG?

Please join us in creating a ‘collective’ of compassionate and willing humans who ultimately bring about the eradication of the dog meat trade. This happens when you make a donation. Be touched moved and inspired to share FREEDOG with ALL your friends/contacts and anyone that you know who has an immense love of dogs. FREEDOG is going to be a part of ENDING the barbaric jog meat trade. THANK YOU.  That’s where you are now.  THANK YOU!

Since the inception of FREEDOG almost 3 years ago, I’ve come to realize that peoples reactions to this subject are severe. People can turn away in sadness; they may even hold their hand up and state, “I cant even”…..We understand it is a harsh reality, but it needs to have people focused and determined. WE NEED TO BE BRAVE. If you cannot even imagine it, simply donate!

Taking this large group of “I cant even” people into consideration, I decided to create a happy business. A business that simply celebrates the sacred bond between our dogs and us. The Canine American was born in April of 2016. So, if this subject matter is too much for your soul to bear, (and who can blame you?) then visit   You can buy authentic products for you and your canine on the cheap, and 50% goes to this cause. THIS BOND WE FEEL should extend to all the dogs around the globe = THE DESIRE TO HELP THEM SHOULD OVERWHELM ALL OF US. Our dogs and us are able to live satisfying, happy lives. We protect them. SO LETS JOIN TOGETHER TO PROTECT DOGS LIVES EVERYWHERE. LETS END THE DOG MEAT TRADE.

Don’t want to buy anything? You can also simply donate the amount of your choice. With a donation of $10 or more, you will receive a CANINE AMERICAN ON BOARD BUMPER MAGNET- MADE IN AMERICAN – ORIGINAL AND FRICKIN COOL!!!!



Help Us End The Dog Meat Trade